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Texas Tech University


PSS 5371: Structure and Functionalization of Cotton Fibers

 (graduate course, 3 credits – 45 hours per semester). 

Course description: This course focuses on the structure, characterization, and functionalization of cotton fibers.  Parameters and properties that affect the quality of the finished material are discussed. Different techniques used to functionalize the cotton fabric and create “smart textiles” are explained and evaluated.


PSS 5373: Biopolymers and Bioproducts

 (graduate course, 3 credits – 45 hours per semester).  

Course description: A wide range of naturally occurring polymers (biopolymers) derived from renewable resources are available for material applications. Bioproducts are defined as products that are composed in whole or in significant part of renewable agricultural materials. This course is focused on the chemistry of biopolymers (Cellulose, Lignin, Hemicellulose, Starch, Chitosan) and their transformation to bio-based products (Bioethanol, Biodegradable plastics, Surfactants, etc…). A review of the analytical techniques used to characterize biopolymers and bioproducts is also performed.


PSS 5376: Advanced Studies in Cotton Fibers

 (graduate course, 3 credits – 45 hours per semester).  

    Course description:


PSS 5377: Cotton Fiber: Genotype to Phenotype Characterization

(graduate course, 3 credits – 45 hours per semester).  

Course description: This course provides a fundamental understanding of the complex relationships that exist between cotton fiber morphogenesis (i.e., the biogenesis of the primary and the secondary cell wall), the genetics of fiber development and fiber quality, fiber macro- and microstructures (such as number of twists, reversals, fiber perimeter, orientation of the fibrils, degree of crystallinity, degree of polymerization, molecular weight and its distribution), and fiber physical and mechanical properties (such as fiber maturity and strength).


PSS 5370: US and Global Cotton Fiber – Textile Industries

 (graduate course, 3 credits). 

Course description: The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the problems, concepts and solutions integral to modern natural fiber production, development and research by examining factors affecting cotton production, processing, marketing, and utilization as an industrial raw material for textile manufacturing. As the course progresses, the student will be exposed to intensive instruction in a variety of economic, practical, biological and mechanical processes central to the modern cotton and fiber global industries.